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Lynbrook, NY [2023年4月23日] Signal Transformer, a Bel group company, announces the addition of the WRSR and WRSC series, which are designed to support wireless charging applications. Signal’s Circular Charging Coil (WRSC) and Rectangular Charging Coil (WRSR) Series are wireless charging coils available in a single winding configuration. The WRSC and WRSR Series allows power to be transmitted wirelessly through an inductive coupling to charge an array of products including, but not limited to: 

  • Mobile phones, tablets & gaming controllers 
  • Digital cameras, consumer electronics  
  • Smart accessories, wearable devices  
  • Drones, toothbrushes, robotic cleaners  
  • Wireless charging devices  

These wireless charging coils use inductive coupling, which eliminates conductive connections and traditional wiring, seamlessly transferring data and power while avoiding mechanical abrasion, corrosion, and wearing-out of conductive contacts.

Products in the WRSR series include:

WRSR-11R0K-16, WRSR-12R0K-13, WRSR-16R7K-11

Products in the WRSC series include:

WRSC-7R2K-32, WRSC-13R0K-26, WRSC-26R0K-11, WRSC-47R0K-08

Inventory is now available from Digi-Key and Mouser.

For more information on Signal’s WRSC and WRSC series, visit our website at

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